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Guest House Mont Saint Michel Bay

BnB mont saint michel abbey

Rooms are not only aesthetically very pleasing but are spacious and extremely comfortable.
Little seating area in addition to the bed and bath with free TV, WIFI, coffee and tea.

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Tomoko & Damien created the Villa Mons to offer maximum comfort to their clients. They lived a few months in south Japan and after one year spent in Paris and got married, they finally decided to live near Mont Saint Michel. Life is great in Normandy.

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  • SUITE 1Suite 1 Guest House Mont Saint-Michel
  • SUITE 1Suite 1 guesthouse mont saint michel bay
  • SUITE 1Suite 1 Mont Saint Michel
  • SUITE 1Suite 1 room to rent mont saint michel
  • SUITE 1Suite 1 bed breakfast mt saint-michel
  • SUITE 1Suite 1 bed and breakfast mt st-michel
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  • SUITE 2suite 2 Bathroom b and b Mont Saint-Michel
  • SUITE 2Suite 2 bnb mont saint michel
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  • BATHROOM SUITE 2Suite 2 Bathroom mont st-michel
  • BATHROOM SUITE 2Suite 2 Bathroom mont saint michel
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  • BATHROOM ROOM 3ROOM 3 guesthouse Mont Saint-Michel
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  • TERRACETERRACE bed & breakfast Mont Saint-Michel
  • TERRACETerrace b and b mont saint michel
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  • TERRACETerrace guest house Mont Saint Michel
  • TERRACETerrace bed and breakfast mont saint michel
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  • GARDENGARDEN bnb St Michael's Mount
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Rooms - b and b - guest house - Mont Saint-Michel

Guesthouse Normandy

  • INCLUDED in the price of the room :
  • - Breakfast (served between 8am and 10am).
  • - WIFI.
  • - Tea, coffee and mineral water available in the room.

Charm bed and breakfast mount saint michel abbey

ROOM Mont Saint-Michel saint jacques compostelle

Villa Mons is in the center of PONTORSON, in front of the tourist office and near restaurants ; 5 minutes on foot from the railway & bus station and 5 minutes from Mont Saint Michel by car. The Mont Saint Michel without the crowd of tourists !

Mont Saint Michel
- 7 km, 5 min
- 20,2 km, 18 min
- 49,5 km, 37 min
- 39,6 km, 38 min
- 47,2 km, 40 min
- 48,2 km, 47 min
- 74,5 km, 53 min

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  • 28, rue Saint Michel
  • Landline:  +33233600808
  • Mobile:  +33664100581
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